Know everything about AIDS

AIDS, or the immunodeficiency virus infection is the final indication of HIV. The AIDS itself isn’t a disease, but an accumulation of reaction that affect the entire organism. It represent the 5th reason death on the list of persons between 25 and 44. Almost 40 millions of people were diagnosed with the HIV virus in the past ten years. Many of them remain alive, however the expectations for a normal life are low.

Oahu is the HIV virus that is in charge of AIDS. Herpes virus affect the defense mechanisms and earn the organism susceptible to a wide variety of infections which cam harm and even produce cancer. A bacteria that normally isn’t dangerous can establish fatal events when affecting someone experiencing AIDS. There any many body liquids where herpes virus is available: saliva, tears, central nervous system, blood, sperm or vaginal liquid. Its rate of transmission is very high, for starters due to unprotected sexual contacts such as the oral sex. A way of transmission is presented by the blood. In case of transfusion, an unique attention is needed to avoid the infection. A pregnant mother who carries herpes can transmit it to her child when the birth of over the breast milk. When transplanting an organ, there’s a chance to transmit the herpes virus too, however in probably the most cases, there is certainly many analyses made before, hence the risk rate is lower.

The AIDS has three stages. Throughout the first stage, rarely were discovered any symptoms. Usually, this stage lasts between 4 and about 6 weeks and is an asymptomatic period. Even tough, herpes exist this means you will be transmitted. There exists a test which can be done to find out whether the HIV virus exists or otherwise, but, unfortunately, it is valid only from the second stage of AIDS. Within this stage, which lasts as much as 20 years, the outward symptoms are visible. A carrier of the virus will feel extremely tired, could have fever, will miss weight and definitely will experience gastrointestinal complications and muscle pains. Up to 70% of the infected persons will experience lymphadenopathy, called an enlargement with the lymph nodes. Another stage will be the final one, when an infected person can be cultivated several types of cancer: sarcoma, lymphoma or cervical cancer. The lymphoma cancer is easily the most common type of cancer and affect as much as 20% of folks with HIV. Other symptoms that characterize the final stage are prolonged fever, sweats, chills as well as a marked weight reduction. Diarrhea is really a gastrointestinal deficiency that affect almost 90% of folks with AIDS.

There is no efficient strategy to AIDS, because the virus is continually changing its conformation, undeniable fact that make impossible obtaining a permanent solution. You are able to treat the symptoms, nevertheless, you no longer can do any action directly on the herpes simplex virus. The best way to steer clear of this killing virus is AIDS awareness. Protect yourself and prevent your organism from being in contact with HIV. If you have an engaged sexual life, use condoms. Try to stay away from phoning another’s blood. Prevention and awareness are the most beneficial ways to possess a normal live.


Cancer Awareness

Most of the people are always asking what cancer awareness is about. Is it accepting that one is suffering from cancer or is it the general knowledge that cancer do exist. However, it entails a lot of things which most people neglect to pay attention to. Ignorance is considered as the major cause of mankind’s suffering. It is due to this reason that most people neglect to know the details about cancer only to be diagnosed with it later.

Hence cancer awareness is understanding the fact that cancer really exists, it is killing, and it can affect you as well. After one understands this, you will learn the various types of cancer, what causes them, their symptoms and most importantly how to avoid them. For those who are healthy and not suffering from cancer will be taught how to lead a healthy life and how to keep cancer away. You will also be asked to appreciate the unfortunate who have been diagnosed with cancer. It is just that they were not fortunate enough o find someone who could teach them on how to avoid cancer. Similarly it will be your responsibility to take care of the affected and help then directly or indirectly where you can. This can be through administering your services or funds to aid their recovery.

Cancer awareness can be of different kinds depending on the type of cancer. The awareness is an official public campaign and undertaken at a stipulated time with each cancer type having its own awareness month where education about that kind of cancer takes place. However April is considered as a general month for all cancers since it is the National Cancer Control month; hence awareness about cancer generally is done during this month.

However for other cancers, January is for cervical cancer awareness, March for colorectal cancer, and April for National Cancer Control, generally all types of cancer. May is considered as skin cancer awareness month, June for men’s health and related men’s cancers, July we have awareness for Sarcoma cancer, ovarian, gynelogical, prostate, leukemia and lymphoma cancers awareness are held in September. October is for breast cancer while Lung and pancreatic cancer awareness are held in November.

The main channels for awareness are public announcements through media, purchasing of products like t-shirts and ribbons which show your support and contributions towards this noble course, also usage of ribbons and specific colors are a major way of informing people about the cancer awareness campaigns. Specific colors for some of the cancers include yellow for bladder cancer, gray for brain cancer, pink for breast cancer, orange for leukemia and kidney cancers, green for liver cancer, purple for pancreatic cancer, white for lung cancer and so forth. These ribbons are worn on the particular month the awareness for the type of cancer they depict is held.